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Macoho Customer Success Connect

Equipment status is visualized and remotely monitored. Maximizes the value of the customer's equipment installation.

"MCS-Connect" is our cloud-based customer support service.
We help our customers maximize the value of their equipment by connecting the purchased equipment to the customer and our company via the Internet to visualize the operation status (total operating efficiency, equipment operating efficiency, production volume, production volume by workpiece, error/alarm history, error/alarm histogram, equipment operation time, automatic operation time, standard time for consumable parts replacement, etc.).

This is a collection of MCS-Connect download examples.

For downloadable materials, please view the equipment catalog "MCS-Connect".

What you can do with MCS-Connect

Improves equipment operating efficiency by visualizing conditions.

The visualization and analysis of equipment status, such as operating efficiency and error history, enable improvement of operating conditions by identifying the causes of production loss and other troubles.

Preventive maintenance avoids the sudden occurrence of equipment problems.

The operating hours of replacement parts are visualized, and parts that need to be replaced are announced as needed, enabling preventive maintenance that avoids the sudden occurrence of problems.

In the event of a problem occurring, the cause can be identified remotely.

In the event of equipment trouble, our engineers can remotely diagnose the equipment condition and determine the cause. This enables quick and accurate identification and resolution of problems.

MCS-Connect service content



This is a viewing monitor that displays the operating status of wet blasting equipment in the cloud.


This is a function that allows Macoho's engineers to remotely operate the customer's PLC using this IoT network.



This is a service that graphs one month's operating information on behalf of the customer and tells them the points that need improvement.

*This option will be added in the future.

MCS-Connect's Structure

  • The customer's network is not used.
  • We set up a monitor called "MCS-Connect" that visualizes the customer's equipment on the cloud-based IOT platform (AWS) that we have contracted with.
  • The wireless router connected to the PLC of the customer's equipment uses a dedicated line to send information to the IOT platform and store it.
  • By logging into MCS-Connect with a dedicated ID, customers can view this information at any time from their desks.

This is a collection of MCS-Connect download examples.

For downloadable materials, please view the equipment catalog "MCS-Connect".

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