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Wet blasting equipment for R&D Jr. Type Ⅱ

Equipment Overview


Wet blasting equipment for R&D

Compact equipment suitable for research and development that automatically processes workpieces by using a wide gun on a single axis.

Wet blasting equipment for R&D Jr.TypeⅡ

This compact equipment with a wide gun can achieve a uniform treated surface and can be easily installed in a laboratory. Blast projection and gun operation can be easily set. Depending on the abrasive selected, various surfaces can be formed, making it ideal for sample tests and determining conditions.

Refer to the equipment catalogs "Jr.TypeⅡ" for this equipment.

Equipment Features

  • Semi-automatic
  • Standard
  • 160 mm wide gun x 1
  • X-Axis Gun Drive
  • Manual Loading & Unloading
  • Automatic Processing

Main Applications

The main application is for research and development of plate-shaped workpieces.


Flow Inside the Equipent

Workpiece loading and unloading are done manually. Otherwise, they are done automatically.

Wet Blasting (Automatic)

Equipment Spec

Dimensions 850(W) x 920(D) x 1450(H)mm
Table Size 420(W) x 300(D)mm
Gun You can choose according to the processing content. (Maximum Gun Size: 160 mm wide gun x 1)
Gun Drive Type 1-axis Horizontal Slide
Gun Drive Speed 1-200 mm/sec
Power Supply AC200V, 50/60 Hz, 3 phases
Power Consumption Approximately 2.6 kW (total of all equipment and rated power)
Air Supply Pressure 0.5 MPa-0.7 MPa
Air Consumption 2.0 m3/min (NTP) and below (The consumption varies according to the mounted gun and the setting of air pressure.)
Options Automatic Abrasive Supply Unit, Sludge Collection Unit, Drainage Unit

"Jr.TypeⅡ" Catalog

Refer to the equipment catalogs "Jr.TypeⅡ" for this equipment.

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