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  3. Coating pretreatment of cutting tools

Coating pretreatment of cutting tools

Processing Details

  • Washing

Coating pretreatment by wet blasting

Bonding pretreatment by wet blasting that completely removes impurities such as grinding sludge and releasing agents that adhere to the surface of carbide tools used for NC lathe machining, thus enhancing the adhesion of coatings.

Characteristics of processing before coating (Ultra-cleansing power)

  • With wet blasting it is possible to remove all kinds of dirt, such as die release materials, oil, and oxidized matter which have adhered to the surface of the machinery tools and dies.
  • By grinding the surface layer, the bare base material is exposed uniformly.

Problems with conventional processing methods

Cleaning Process Process flow of roughening and grinding
[Chemical] [Physical polishing] [Dry Blasting]
  • It is necessary to choose which chemicals to use, for different types of dirt, such as oil, oxidized film, and die release.
  • Solidly adhered dirt cannot be completely removed.
  • Liquid management and safety control is difficult for density and temperature.
  • Worsening working environment due to the use of chemicals.
  • Difficulty of processing three-dimensional shapes.
  • Difficulty of automation due to the wearing down of brushes.
  • Possibility of polishing materials' residue remaining on the surface.
  • Difficulty of doing small rounding because small-sized polishing materials cannot be used.

Solutions (Features of wet-blasting technology are…)

  • Perfect cleaning can be made as it removes every single dirt made of various materials. Surface grinding  is done at the sub-micron level.
  • It is environmentally friendly due to non-use of chemicals and a physical cleaning method being applied.
  • Uniform cleaning can be made as micro-particles are processed along with surface topography.
  • Loose abrasive processing makes no scratches on the parts.
  • No thermal deformation occurs on the parts since their surface is processed along with water cooling.
  • There is no residue nor any  dirt remaining since the water washes them off while cleaning.


Before Coating


After Wet Blasting


After Coating


Examples of applications and products

[Application Examples] Examples of Applicable Products
  • Post-cleaning of PVDs such as ion-plating and spattering.
  • Pre-cleaning for plasma CVDs
  • Disposable tips
  • Drills
  • Endmills, etc.