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Key Applications

Semiconductor resin deburring

Electronic Parts

This is an example of the introduction of our Wet Blasting equipment for electronic components such as PCB and semiconductors, as well as pretreatment of adhesive-resistant plastics (PI, LCP, PET, etc.).

Black scale removal and part lubrication for cold forging

Black scale removal and part lubrication for cold forging

WLS (wet blasting + water-based lubricant application) is suitable for the lubrication process of cold forging lines.

Coating pretreatment of cutting tools

Coating pretreatment of cutting tools

Bonding pretreatment by wet blasting that completely removes impurities such as grinding sludge and releasing agents that adhere to the surface of carbide tools.




We have a wide variety of product line-ups from manually-operated to fully-automated equipment to meet the customer's needs.

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​From automotive parts to steel, tools, and electronic parts. A variety of examples of wet blasting used in different industries.

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