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Maintenance of plant equipment

Processing Details

  • Washing

What is "Maintenance cleaning of plant facilities"?

This cleaning is a physical way to remove oil, rust, and dirt from parts removed during regular equipment maintenance in the plant.

Problems with conventional processing methods

Sand Blasting

  • There is a risk of dust explosion due to dust generated near any heat source.
  • Heat and statistic electricity are generated due to friction.
  • Excessive amount of the surface is removed.


  • There is a risk of fire due to chemical reaction of solvents.
  • It requires waste water treatment.
  • It takes time due to manual operation.

Characteristics of wet-blast cleaning

  • There is no risk of solvent-related fires since it is a physical cleaning method that uses no solvents.
  • It can prevent dust explosion because of the wet environment in which no particle scattering (dust) occurs.
Clean environment
  • Processing is done in a clean environment, without any dust being generated.
Surface after cleaning
  • By using micro-particles (less than 50 um in diameter), surface and screw threads are not damaged.
No pre-treatment is required.
  • Without any pre-treatment, oily and rusty parts can be cleaned directly.

Processing Examples

Removal of dirt from bolts.


Removal of coating from shackles


Removal of rust from bolts


Examples of associated equipment


Large automatic equipment

Large equipment that a person can operate inside.
We design and manufacture equipment size based on the shape of the work piece.

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