2. What is Wet Blasting?

What is Wet Blasting?

​This section introduces the principle of wet blasting, a technique to spray a mixture of water and abrasives for surface processing. It also provides related basic information.

What is Wet Blasting?

Wet blasting (wet style blasting and liquid honing) mixes abrasives (projection material or media) with a liquid (mainly water) to create a "slurry" that looks like muddy water, which is sprayed by compressed air from a dedicated nozzle to process the target workpiece.

It is this collision with the workpiece that does roughening, grinding, polishing and such to its surface.

What is Wet Blasting?

Principle and Mechanism

This section describes the principle and mechanism of wet blasting technology.

Features of Wet Blasting

The following are the representative features of wet blasting.

Main usages of Wet Blasting

Wet blasting is mainly used in the following applications.

Effects of Wet Blasting

The main effects of wet blasting are described below.

Wet Blasting and SDGs

Explain about environmental improvement by "wet blasting".

Wet Blasting Precautions

Below are some points to keep in mind when using wet blasting.

Differences with

Explain the difference between wet blasting and sand blasting.

Differences with other
surface treatment methods

Explain the features of each method and the differences with wet blasting.

What is

This page provides an overview of the blasting process in general.

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