2. Applications
  3. Droplet removal

Droplet removal

Processing details

  • Washing
  • Removal

Wet Blast to remove drill droplets

Droplets (granular protrusions) generated on the coating applied to the tool surface are removed without damaging the coating film.

Problems with conventional processing

  • Three-dimensional workpieces have some parts that are difficult to polish with a polish grinder or the like.
  • The coating film is also scraped at the same time as droplets are removed.
  • Difficult to automate polishing process.

Comparison before and after processing


The treated surface becomes shiny without scratches. *Not visible to the naked eye.

Enlarged Surface Image


The black dots are the droplets.
* The black spots after processing are traces of threshing (dents from which droplets have been removed).

Surface Roughness